What Is The Role Played By The Trade Show Models

Anyone who has attended the car show or the fashion show or the home show has seen the promo models. But, most of us have one similar question, what is the role played by these promo models? The answer to this question is very obvious. The trade models help in showing and promoting the products. There are various jobs that are performed by the top models. Even the models are mainly trained to display the items during the show. Most of the people come to the show to see the stylish models walking in the ramp shows. This is the USP of most of the fashion shows or the trade shows.

The trade models mainly show or promote the products of a particular brand. They are specially trained for this purpose. They have a special way of talking and inspiring people. They know exactly how to get the attention of the customers. They are appointed at the show by the staffing agency, working with the business and want to increase the product awareness and selling of the product. They are also known as the promo models as they are working for the large promotional companies to sell various products.

The promo models can be one individual model or they can be the group of models. The individual model generally works to promote one particular brand and acts as the brand ambassador. The promo model works and dresses as she is told. She dresses is such a manner that pulls the attraction of the buyers. For instance, the exercise equipment brand model may dress in attractive workout apparel. On the other side, the swimwear speciality company’s brand ambassador can wear something that attracts the eyes of the viewers and they become pursued to buy the swimwear.

As the promo model, to get the attention from the people, the first thing to keep in mind is the way of walking on the ramp. As the promo model, the attractiveness is one of the ways to convince the buyers. The convention models or booth models are engaged in the presentation of the product. They do this by introducing themselves, talking to the customers and showing the products. If you want to know about the trade models, Learn More at Yes Model, you can also check the blogs too.


Learn about the top fashion website on internet

Nowadays you don’t have to walk down the high street to buy your favorite apparel and accessories; you can do it while sitting in your living room watching your favorite movie. Here are the twelve top fashion websites that offer great options for apparel and accessories.


It’s headquartered in Bolingbrook, in the state of Illinois with offices in Finland, Helsinki, and Chicago. Their mission is to be the largest global consignment plus thrift store, helping their clients to be consumers who are environmentally sustainable while they save money on their preferred brands. Swap do that by making it simpler than ever before buying and selling pre-owned items from games to toys to apparel to clothing for kids, women, and men. The online store lives for the excitement of discovering something unique. They keep on adding thousands of new items daily.

  1. Polyvore

The online store offers garments, home decor, and beauty products. The website has more than 500 brands plus retailers. Shoppers are capable of creating ideas as well as share them with the global community. Every month, users create three million outfit ideas. Their mission is empowering people to feel great about their style.

  1. ASOS

It’s a global one-stop shop for millennials. They sell cutting-edge fashion and are offering a wide range of fashion-related content. Both women and men are capable of browsing through a helpful list of famous sports, high-street, and designer labels. The online store sells more than 80,000 branded as well as own-brand products through web experiences and localized mobile and delivering from their fulfillment centers in the United States, China, Europe, and the United Kingdom to almost all the countries worldwide.

  1. Oroton

It’s synonymous with accessible, casual, luxury glamour and an inexpressible Australian love for the good life; it is the leading luxury lifestyle brand in the sovereign country of Australia. The brand is celebrated and adored for its unique heritage as well as the capability of staying at the forefront of global trends. Today, all of their products are being designed in Australia by their design team and are crafted using the excellent materials sourced from all over the world.

Oroton established in the year 1938, in Sydney city, by Boyd Lane, the company started as a luxurious European textiles importer for the surfacing fashion industry in Australia. From the beginning, when the company called Boyd Lane & Co, they believed in quality and worked to source the greatest products worldwide.

  1. Stylight

Established in Nov. 2008, the goal of this online store is to be a common source of inspiration and assist aspiring women in evolving to their style for their ten million worldwide users. Currently, Stylight has a total of 6000 brands for its monthly users, who are ten million, to shop. For the year 2015, the website reported approximately USD 700 million in sales for its retail partners; that is an impressive 94 percent growth rate in gross merchandise value (GMV) from 2014.

  1. Boohoo

It’s an online fashion retailer based in the UK, aimed at 16-24-year old people. It was founded in the year 2006 by Carol Kane and Mahmud Kamani; the two are joint chief executives. The brand also runs,, and, all of which are targeted at 16-24-year people. It provides trend-led fashion for people on a budget. It takes inspiration from celebrity style; it has won numerous awards for its designs which are price-savvy.

  1. Missguided

Nitin Passi founded this company in the year 2009, and he remains its sole owner. The brand is a multi-channel retailer, based in the United Kingdom; it sells clothes aimed at women aged between 16 and 35 years old. The collections of the company include lingerie, petite, tall, and nightwear ranges. The online retailer has expanded into Germany, France, Australia, and the United States. In May 2015, the company partnered with and currently sells more than 900 pieces through that online retailer.

  1. COSstores

Founded in the year 2007, COS is an online fashion brand for men and women who favor modern, functional, and simplistic design. It offers reinvented classics, plus wardrobe essentials; they create pieces made to last. Traditional methods plus new techniques blend to form timeless collections. Since launching, they have opened stores all over the world. The company is based in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden.

  1. Vestiaire Collective

It’s a French company that was created in Oct. 2009. The company operates, which is a leading online retail store devoted to luxury in Europe. It was founded by Fanny Moizant, Christian Jorge, Sophie Hersan, Henrique Fernande, Sébastien Fabre, and Alexandre Cognard. Their website is the online version of a high fashion car-boot sale, where online community usually come together to sell or buy each other’s wares, with an additional online team to look at the quality of each item.

  1. Rokit

It’s a chain of four high-street retail vintage shops for clothing in London that specializes in second-hand clothing fashions. It started in the year 1986 from a market stall situated in Camden Market, London. Its vintage clothing is now enjoyed all over the world with worldwide shipping.

  1. Beyond Retro

The shop is located in East London; it has managed to open ten shops in thirteen years. Their website stocks a wide variety of clothing and accessories selected by a vintage experts’ team. It has become widely popular, especially in Sweden and the United Kingdom.

  1. My Theresa

The German-based online store has established a name as one of the leading online retailers in the world for luxury fashion for women. The started more than ten years ago as a small online store that was associated with the brand store called Theresa.

To conclude, whenever you want to shop online, these are the top online stores that offers great options for apparel and accessories you can choose from.