11 Unique Graduation Gift Ideas For Him And Her

Graduating from school, whether it is from high school or college is a major milestone for a person’s life. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to graduate and take the next steps towards the future. For their efforts and hard work, graduates should be given something special on their day of triumph. Here are unique gift ideas any graduate will appreciate and treasure for years:

1 – Graduation ornaments

Giving graduation ornaments as a gift is something not everyone might be used to, but it is a very unique way to commemorate their achievements. The ornaments can hang on the Christmas tree or all year round, like a trophy!

2 – Gift Cards

Cash as gifts seems very tacky. However, everyone loves getting gift cards. It’s an easy gift that will surely come in handy soon. Just include a heartfelt card with the gift so it’s a bit more personal.

3 – A Beautiful Watch

No other graduation gift is as classic as a nice watch. Add a special inscription inside to add more sentiment to the gift.

4 – A Beginners Cookbook

Giving the graduate a cookbook as a gift is like giving them a nudge to become more independent and rely less on take out and ramen noodles. Make it a little easier on them by choosing a beginner’s cookbook.

5 – Business Casual Wear

After graduation comes several job interviews which requires the fresh grad to get dressed up. Give them their first ever corporate outfit so that they don’t have to worry about choosing the right clothes for their first official job interview after graduation.

6 – A Work Bag

Another must-have for every fresh grad applying for a job is a bag that matches the look while also meeting their needs. There are several work-friendly bags that are also stylish and will stand the test of a daily commute to choose from.

7 – Coffee Maker

What fresh grad says no to coffee? Give them a reason to look forward to mornings by giving them their very own coffee maker.

8 – New Sheets

Help them say goodbye to their mismatched bed sheets by giving them their first set of classy adult sheets that will go well with their new apartment!

9 – New Towels

Another must-have for every adult are fresh new towels. Give the graduate a set of towels that they won’t be ashamed to show to guests visiting their new abode.

10 – Personalized Passport Holder

Encourage them to travel and learn new cultures after graduation by giving them a personalized passport holder for their future travels.

11 – A One Year Gym Membership

Allow the fresh grads to enjoy health and fitness programs at a local gym for a year so they don’t have to worry about staying active, even when funds are low.

Graduation gifts don’t have to be boring; they can be fun, quirk, useful, or unique. As long as they bring a smile to the receiver’s face, the gift has done its purpose.

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