6 Most Adorable Summer Flip Flops

When it comes to Summer time, a decent pair of flip flops is a must have. I’ve been looking around for new ones because my current Roxy ones are totally worn out. Choosing the right one can be pretty tricky, which is why I’m happy that I have finally cut down the selection into these six adorable ones. However, I still need your opinion, which one would you choose?

  1. Havaianas Slim Allegra. US$23.99.

I’m loving the prints on this new flip flop from Havaianas. They are also available in 2 other colors; pumpkin and ocean green, but somehow I love this ice violet look. The floral prints make me feel at home.

  1. Roxy Mimosa III. US$14.97.

For more beachy and relaxing feeling, I like this one from Roxy. I love the color combination and the playful prints. They look very comfy, too! They are the classic beach bum flip flop, and go so well with some casual eyewear like Oliver Peoples sunglasses.

  1. Roxy Conga White. US$22.

I love the beads on this pair. Although I don’t think it’s a wise idea to wear them to the beach but this would make a fine looking accessory for the feet.

  1. Brighton Cape Navy. US$35.99.

I love sailor-themed fashion, and I think this sexy navy blue from Brighton is stylish and totally fashionable. I also think those starfish buttons super cute.

  1. Guess Tutu. US$35.

It’s not Guess if it’s not glamorous, flirtatious and playful, which is why I must include this lovely Tutu flop! Perfect for a day out or whenever I want to show off my newly pedicured-feet!

  1. Tommy Bahama Bimini Flip Flop. US$25.99.

Available in 4 colors of violet, casablanca (as shown), havana and waterfall, I’m loving the exotic prints and cute little pineapple pins on top. This flip flop is just good for fashion or beach rendezvous!

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