Are you aware of what your nailpolish says about you?

Are you a ballet pink person or a sexy red or a daring, bold black? You need to realize that no matter whether you’ve glammed up your nails with a sparky nailpolish or left them without one, your nails speak a lot about the way you are as a person. Do you remember a time when you instantly judged a girl who was wearing black nailpolish? If you get the point, you will know that there is a secret that always lies in the nails of a person.

Now that the trends are changing, girls are seen to be wearing all sorts of nailpolish colors and if you are eager to know what each color speaks about you as a person, read on.

RED: If there could be a color which was the ultimate glamour statement, it would be RED! Wearing a red nailpolish gives you a sense of confidence and passion. It makes you look dramatic, daring and outgoing and someone who is far from being shy.

GREEN: If you wish to exude spunk and earthiness, it is better to go ‘green’. Green is actually a strong color which has got lot of power and this is why green is one of the best choices for women who love to experiment.

BLUE: When you wear blue as a nailpolish, you will never be seen as someone faint at heart. It’s experimental and fun and it gives an impression that you lead a lifestyle full of adrenaline rush and excitement. In other words, blue as a nailpolish color makes you look youthful and eager to try out new things.

YELLOW: Yellow is usually associated with warmth and the sun and no matter how hard you try, you can’t ever ignore this color. Women who use punchy yellow color to accessorise their look tend to be extrovert, spontaneous and bohemian in style. They also have a sense of style that’s unique.

BURGUNDY: This color is dark and deep just as the wine after which it is named. A woman wearing burgundy color is deemed as trendy, chic and is supposed to have an edgy personality as well.

From where should you get your favorite nailpolish colors?

With the gaining momentum of online beauty sites like Mixtrade, finding the funkiest nailpolish colors never seemed easier. Such sites are home to all kinds of makeup and cosmetic items which a woman might ever need. You name it and you get it! Whether you’re looking for gel nailpolish or tools for pedicure or manicure, wax strips, false eyelashes or hair removing tools, you’ll get everything at these e-commerce sites as the most competitive prices from the comfort of your home.

Therefore, if you’re a confused woman wondering about how to accessorise a nailpolish with your outfit, you may take into account the points mentioned above. Change your nailpolish according to your mood and dress and exuberate a strong personality.

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