Barbara Montalvo – Create the Right Marketing Strategy for a Successful Fashion Blog

Like every online business website, fashion blogs to need a good marketing strategy. There are several ways via which you can effectively market your blog online and make it successful. At the outset, you need to determine the different marketing methods that you know so that you can manage the blog on your own. Again, there are some marketing methods where you need to outsource the responsibility to experts in the field. Your primary objective should be to write content that is relevant to fashion; however, you should also consider distributing your content to other sources like social media platforms so that traffic is driven back to your blog.

Barbara Montalvo – Consider the following marketing strategies for your fashion blog

Barbara Montalvo has been a successful fashion blogger for many years. She is from New York and is known for her high-end and street style fashion. She says when you have started to create your marketing strategy for your fashion blog, make sure you include the following channels to make it more successful- 

  • Email marketing 
  • Mobile marketing 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Fashion Newsletters released every month
  • Pay per click advertisements ‘
  • Guest bloggers on relevant and not blogs with competitive content 
  • Banner ads 
  • Website optimization
  • Paid advertisement on publications online 
  • Offline and online networking 

She says the above is just some marketing strategies that you should take into consideration. Make sure you give importance to social marketing as the images of fashion work really work on all social media platforms. In fact, current research has revealed that about 23% of users online spent time on social media platforms, and over 80% of users in the USA love to browse blogs and social media.

Evaluate your marketing strategy with a timeline

You should ensure that your marketing strategy can be measured regularly. Keep a timeline with you before you launch your fashion blog. In this way, you will be able to assess your ROI every month. You might indeed have to outsource most of the marketing of your fashion blog to third parties. However, you, too, will be responsible for a major part of it as well. If you have a large budget for marketing and do not wish to undertake its responsibility, you should outsource the whole website to a good online marketing expert.

How can you make your fashion blog successful?

You need to figure out a way to make your fashion blog drive revenue and be financially lucrative. The general thumb rule is you need to get more traffic to your website to make it profitable. The following are some ways to help you to monetize your website- 

  • Allow fashion designers as well as boutiques to place paid ads on your blog
  • Charge them for blogging about their accessories and clothing 
  • Enter into partnerships with boutiques and designers to sell the fashion items you write about on your blog.

Barbara Montalvo sums up by saying that a successful fashion blog generates a consistent flow of income. Your blog does not necessarily have to be focused on sales all the time, but you can share fun and interesting news on fashion and win the hearts of your readers with success!

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