Choosing Bed Sheets: Quick Tips For Buyers

The quality of your bed sheet affects how great or how bad your sleep can get. Many people buy king bed sheets in Australia without knowing what to consider. There are several things you need to check when choosing bed sheets.

The thread count

A higher thread count means more comfort but it does not mean the sheets are softer. Manufacturers can alter them by using silicone softeners for enhancements. These disappear after the first wash. If you are after comfortable sheets, you should look for 100% cotton instead of a 1,000-thread count. Some of the best choices are Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and combed cotton. Polyester and percale blend is a more affordable option if you are on a tight budget.

The weave

Choosing between percale or satin weave is a matter of taste. Percale is a plain matte weave with a crisp, cool feel. It is perfect for those who feel overheated when they sleep. Sateen is very soft and has a lustrous, smooth finish. It feels almost like satin. Touch the fabrics to compare the feel. Choose which one you would prefer to lay your back on and which feels more comfortable to your skin.

The materials

This is a personal choice. For those who want something light, sheets of cotton-poplin are the best option. Cotton is a common choice for many. It is soft and breathable, perfect to keep you warm during the cold season and stay cool during summer. Cotton-polyester is a reasonably-priced blend that is wrinkle-free. It is not as cooling as cotton though. Linen is great for summers because of its natural cooling effect. It absorbs heat from you. High-quality linen becomes softer the more you wash it but it wrinkles fast.

The right fit

Check the size of your bed before you choose bed sheets. It is crucial to get the right size and fit for more comfort. Buying something that is too small or too big will look weird on your bed. A mattress with a size of 38″x75″ needs Twin Sheets while a 38″x80″ requires Twin XL Sheets. A Full or Double Sheet is for a 53″x75″ mattress while a Queen Sheet is for a 60″x80″ one. King Sheets and California King Sheets are the biggest sizes. The former is for 78″x80″ mattresses while the latter is for 72″x84″ ones.

The design

Bed sheets come in various designs and colors. Getting plains or printed depends on your preference. Plain colored sheets will be a perfect match for your printed pillows and blankets. Striking printed sheets can look lovely depending on your motif. There are so many to choose from but make sure to pick one that complements your whole bed set-up.

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