Engagement Rings: The Best For Every Style And Budget

An engagement ring is not only a remarkable gift but a special commitment and an investment, too. People usually do not mind how much an engagement ring will cost. It is one of life’s most significant purchases. Although this is the case, everyone still has a budget in place. Considering how much you are willing to spend is the first step in looking for what suits your needs. There is no clear-cut best style of engagement ring that fits everyone. It is a matter of preference. You can buy an engagement ring from a local jeweler, but you can get the best prices if you buy online at SH Jewellery.

Ring styles

SH Jewellery offers five styles of rings, each with its distinct character and essence.


This ring style features a classic, simple design that is the best for daily use. Its simplicity showcases the true beauty of the single diamond in the center. You do not need to worry about any time-consuming maintenance.


This beautiful style has side diamonds. These small side diamonds highlight the center diamond. The combination of these offers added sparkle and a greater depth of design.


If you prefer a ring style with another level of sophistication, the Halo ring design is what you need. It enhances the beauty of the center diamond. The stone captures more light when worn, so the ring becomes a lot brighter. This ring style enhances the perceived size of the center diamond. Some people on a tight budget are after a big stone with a scintillating look. This style is the best option in this case.


Three-stone rings are more known as trilogy rings. It is a striking ring style with a classic design having three focal diamonds in the center. The two side diamonds are usually smaller than the centermost stone. Its extra design elements provide it with a bright appearance.


The rings in this style collection are unique, stunning, and breathtaking. It has more diamonds than the other ring styles, and it usually has a wider width. The modern ring style will get you noticed for sure.

Two most popular

You can browse the catalog of SH Jewellery to check their best selling engagement rings. Listed below are two of them.

Classic Oval Halo

This 0.3 carats 18kt White Gold diamond engagement ring is available for AUD 3,400. The price includes GST. Four claws hold an Oval Brilliant Cut diamond at its center. A fine pave set halo of diamonds surrounds it.

Classic 6-Claw Trilogy

You can get this engagement ring for AUD 7,400 inclusive of GST. This alluring trilogy features 0.3 carats 18kt White Gold. Enhancing the curves of the diamonds are six claws clutching on them. The carefully-positioned diamonds give off a seamless brilliance.

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