Know about testosterone cycle

Testosterone is hormone which is very important part of the human body. The level of testosterone must be at a normal to lead a healthy life style. It helps to maintain muscle mass, density of bone and your sexual desire. If you have been through testosterone replacement therapy or a body builder, then you must aware about the testosterone cycle. To get the best and maximum effects you should aware about the 12 weeks testosterone only cycle.

Testosterone cypionate cycle is the most effective way to take the testosterone because it has ester which helps to regulate their absorption by the body and gives the maximum output in short duration. It is basically used to treat hypogonadism and other medical problem but it is commonly used by bodybuilders to enhance muscle mass, physical endurance and weight loss. It also used by the old age people to maintain youth in their life so that they can fulfil their sexual desire. To get the optimal results always consider the testosterone only cycle. It is known as the best steroid cycle for the user because it can be used in both bulking and cutting phase to maintain the bulk in muscle.

Testoserone cycle plan

Cycling is an effective method to use testosterone to get the benefit without major side effects. The cycle is generally for 12 weeks; once you complete the cycle you should take post cycle therapy in order to give the body a rest. As we all know everyone is different and as their experience too, so we should first fix the goal and then start the cycle to achieve it. Once you start your testosterone cycle you may feel some side effects but once your body adapts to it you may experience normalcy. You may follow the below cycle:

  • You can start with 400 mg to 500 mg of testosterone cypionate once a week for 12 weeks and then leave it for some time and can start once again.
  • You can divide the dosage amount and can take 200-250 mg once in early week and take the other 200-250 mg several days later.

You will get impressive result once you follow the cycle for muscle building and bulking purpose. But once you leave the drug your gain may disappear so follow the above cycle and maintain your goal.  However, it all depends upon your body on how it reacts to the above-mentioned cycle. You may experience some mild side effects. To avoid the estrogenic side effects that are relatively common with testosterone cycle, you can take other drugs like Anadrol, Dinabol for a short period of time. To minimise the side effects you should follow a healthy diet plan and exercise regularly. You can use nutritional supplement with this cycle to boost the level of testosterone naturally and safely. Testosterone is a powerful hormone of the body so you may experience physical, emotional and mental changes in your body but it’s all depends upon your dosage and frequency of use.

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