Story of the Brand That Keeps the Best Time

Timex is one of the oldest and veteran names in the area of timekeeping. The brand has given birth to some of the most revolutionary innovations in timekeeping which have made the name Timex immortal for all times to come. Be it the signature Pepsi dial or smartwatches for men and women, Timex has done it all. Many people might wonder how Timex began and where does its roots lie.

Here is a small-time story of the brand that keeps the best time:

The Beginning – 1854

Timex as a brand started off in the year 1854 in Waterbury Connecticut, USA. This was the time when making something was not enough to be called a legend, innovation and the thought behind was equally necessary. The Waterbury Clock Company opened in a city which was otherwise known as the Brass City. This company blended the American Ingenuity with European Watchmaking to give birth to a $6 Clock that almost everyone could afford even at that time.

The Watch That Made The Dollar Famous – 1901

In the year 1895, if a person wanted to buy a pound of candy, that would cost something close to 35 cents and the Waterbury Clock Company made the wonder that was the Yankee Pocket Watch. It costed just $1 and by the turn of the century, it earned a fan following of such a stature that even Mark Twain confessed his love for it. The watch sold over six million units in just over 5 years.

A Twist of the Wrist – 1914-1936

It was a very simple idea, but it changed everything for the time industry. They moved the stem from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock and welded the loops to hold the strap. The impact was so huge that by 1914, most of the world no longer had time in their pockets. One could see bullet trains, airships, and Mickey Mouse telling time at the 1933 Chicago World Fair. In three years, Mickey Mouse Watch became the official timekeeper of close to 2 million children.

Quality Made Affordable – 1950

This was the year when Timex arrived with the V-conic. The first high-quality watch movement that was mass-produced and not just limited edition. This created such a stir that by the end of 1950s, every third watch sold was a Timex.

The Undisputed Time King – 1984-1992

Timex gave birth to Timex Ironman, the world’s first sports watch and there has been no turning back in this segment since then. Timex Ironman literally saw almost every sporting finish line at the wrist of the sportsman crossing it.

While this journey of Timex has been nothing short of breath-taking and amazing in the true sense of the words, it is still on the path of evolution and continues to produce masterpieces in the field of timekeeping. Its most recent launches American Documents, The Marlin Automatic and the Timex Q Reissue are set to join an iconic fleet and we won’t be surprised if they form the bulk of the women and men’s watches online that are sold the maximum in the market and keep up the company tradition.


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