Why should you prefer Aquamarine Rings for your Engagement ?

Soft stones are in high demand in the engagement rings nowadays. Stones like pink morganite, aquamarine, purple amythestor is the smooth stone and is rage in engagement ring trends. Many women do not have a liking for the diamonds and want to opt for some other alternative for diamonds, so aquamarine is one of the best-preferred aquamarine engagement rings. Stone-like pink morganite, aquamarine, purple amythestor, and blue topaz is very soft for daily usage, as our hands are always moving and tend to hit on anything. Emerald is very soft than any other stone; thus, it is not recommended to wear every day.

Soft and Hard Stones

Hardest stones

:- The hardest stone is diamond, then comes ruby and sapphire, as they are the hardest they are more scratch-resistant, they need proper care for longevity. It is recommended by experts to go for diamonds as for the wear and tear characteristics making it more durable for daily use. The colors for sapphire and diamonds are endless as they come in various colors.

Soft stones:- If you go for the soft stone, then you have to keep in mind that it needs proper care for long term usage. The surface is the central part from where the glaze appears, due to soft stones the facets can fall off easily in one or two years making it dull and lifeless stone

Environment picks:- The stone before purchase should also consider the daily routine and lifestyle. Many soft stones are not fit for everyday use as they get scratches quickly, and due to soft stone, the facets fall off easily.

Why Aquamarine Engagement Rings?

Women stated that wearing an aquamarine engagement ring is like wearing a piece of heaven. The beautiful sea color of the and its calmness makes it a fantastic collection of the minerals. Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family. These five reasons on why choose aquamarine engagement stone

  1. Colour:- The color of the engagement ring is the utmost priority in today’s era. Women nowadays take more of these contemporary stone instead of the traditional ones. Many go for the center stones with the same color. The gentle andfantastic shade of aquamarine stone makes it complimentary to nearly all wedding stones, making it fit for daily usage.
  2. Clarity- The natural color of the stone gives a bright clarity of the stone. If your birthday is on the march or your partner’s birthday is on a journey, then Aquamarine stone is the perfect selection for an aquamarine engagement ring.
  3. Budget- A beautiful ring is a sign of romance and honesty, but the budget is also a significant factor while choosing a stone for the ring. Comparing aquamarine stone is one of the budgets friendly as compared to other traditional stones such as ruby, sapphire, and diamond. An aquamarine stone gives you the best opportunity to buy you a larger and a high clarity stone. If sparkle is significant, then the aquamarine stone is the best fit for you.
  4. Durability:- aquamarine stone is a durable stone best fit for daily usage. As your engagement ring is subject to wear and tear everyday use, it will be essential to choose the stone for daily use. Aquamarine is 7.5 in the MohsScale and is also a member of the Beryl family. This score states that about the hardness and the scratch resistance. Various types of aquamarine stones are only suitable for daily usage.

Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family; there are other stones from the same family like emerald and morganite. Aquamarine is from the Greek word aqua Marinus, which means “water of the sea,” this means greenish-blue color. This is also known for clarity giving it a dazzling look.

History of Aquamarine Gemstone

There are many myths regarding aquamarine stone, and few people say that aquamarine is the treasurer of mermaids. The sailors believe that the stone is a lucky charm because it protects them from the sea and thunderstorms.

Diamonds VS aquamarine stone

The main reason for selecting the aquamarine stone over diamonds is the price. Aquamarine is much affordable, even in more significant weight. If you are attracted to the beautiful gem color, then aquamarine stone is the most budget-friendly stone for engagement purposes. Aquamarine is 7.5 in Mohl Scale, making it hard, and scratch-free making is capable of daily usage.

Aquamarine stone is available in many colors, and you can choose from a variety of shades. The colors are such that is suit every personality and nature of the person wearing; it not only defines beauty but also establishes the calmness, trust, honesty, and power in one. The stone’s price depends on the shades of the rock, and the lighter shades cost more than, the deeper ones. While purchasing the aquamarine stone, the metal factor should be kept in mind. The shadows look good on various metals, may it be gold or silver. The surface of the metal should be such that the stone looks good in the with the cut of the stone

The jewelry can help you choose the perfect stone as per your requirement, and you will have to be smart with the clarity of the sand as the flaws are not visible with the naked eyes. No matter what the price, it will be a lifetime investment for you, so be careful when selecting the jewelry shop and the stone. All the documentation must be suitable for further perusal.

End Note

Aquamarine engagement ring looks good on any metal; aquamarine can mix well with any metal. Some metal may give an extra good look on the stone cut, making it best for the engagement ring. Aquamarine stone on white gold brings coolness, whereas yellow gold gives warmer and balances the aquamarine stone. White gold is recommended more for blue shaded stone and yellow gold for green stones. The cut looks best in round, oval, or emerald.

Now you have enough details about the beauty of an aquamarine engagement ring. You must give it try and gift the blue diamond to your loved one.

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