Your Complete Guide To Parka Jackets

We are always looking for new ways to stay warm in winter while also looking fabulous. Of course, many styles come and go but some things remain a classic in the world of fashion. They never go out of style and they are a staple for every wardrobe.

Parkas are one such item. They are versatile, warm, and they make you look stylish as well. However, there are many to choose from so you may be confused about which one to go for.

Don’t worry, here is your ultimate guide to parkas so you can choose the best one based on your taste and needs.

Parkas – What Are They?

Firstly, this item became popular within the United States Armed Forces as their men used to wear these in harsh conditions to survive. This is when they became popular during the turn of the twenty-first century.

These are long hooded coats that are lined in various ways. Of course, it took time for them to make into luxury fashion but they finally did. Now you can see it as a symbol of style and fashion all over the world.

Many brands and designers have come with their line of parka jackets so there is much to choose from.

Types Of Parka Coats

Here are all the different variations you will find in parka coats.


As the name suggests, these types of parkas function extremely well for cold and harsh weather. This is because they provide high insulation and their hood is lined with fur providing even more warmth and also adding style to your jacket!

If you want to get an extremely stylish and functional fur parka jacket then Aria Moda should be your ideal choice. They provide diverse parka style with high-quality fur that will keep you warm no matter how cold it is!


This kind of parka is usually made of nylon and cotton. It is also mostly lined with wool to provide you with the warmth that you need. Many luxury brands produce this type of parka so you can find them in many places.

However, these were originally made for men so you will have to find a style that suits you best. It also usually comes in olive color but many brands have diversified to introduce new colors.


They are usually minimal and are mostly used to wear over a suit in more formal situations. They come in many luxury materials and blends as they are more towards the formal side.

This is why this type of parka jacket is not ideal for everyday use as you can’t wear it everywhere.

Final Thoughts

Parka jackets will never be out of fashion. They took time to enter the world of fashion but now that they are here, they will stay. Make the most of your winter wardrobe collection by investing in a parka jacket from Aria Moda.

They are stylish, high-quality, and give you all the warmth you need. What more do you want?

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