3 Reasons Why Wearing Jewelry is Attractive

As long as time immemorial, the finest jewelry is always sought after for different reasons. Jewelers craft precious stones and metals to produce works of art. But what makes jewelry timeless? Why is it jewelry is a woman’s best friend?

Compliments Your Looks

Jewelry adds color and shine to your looks. Most women ought to get and use specific jewelry for a specific event or outfit. Since jewelry comes in different colors and shapes, your looks can be alluring with proper mix and match between outfits and accessories. Each piece of jewelry can be used to further define your details with the most

The shape of your face will determine what type of jewelry can be suitable for your looks. There are six head shapes which jewelers take basis from. These are round, square, rectangle, oval, triangular, and heart shaped.

If you are not sure with the shape of your head, pull your hair up and make a selfie. Try to trace your face using a photo editor. Then choose the nearest shape you recognize. Using jewelry which is opposite the shape of your face is the basic rule in choosing an accessory.

A Form of Expression

Precious stones and metals have their own symbolism. There are those who wear jewelry to express themselves on their current feelings or mood. Jewellery also helps define a woman’s persona. Some gemstone like ruby denotes love, passion, and power. Pearl is referred to the loyalty of the owner, a jewel loved by wives or brides. Diamond symbolizes brilliance and loyalty between matrimonial partners. There are still countless gemstones with their own expression, but each of it is considered special to their wearer.

Jewellery in modern times is not restricted to jewelers alone when it comes to design. Anyone can make a design of their own jewellery and have it made. This adds a more personal touch to your own jewellery as it wholly represents your artistic and aesthetic tastes. The better part is that you can never go wrong. There are a lot of jewellery designing ideas available on the internet.

You can check a certain website or online communities where you can have your work critiqued and ask for further suggestions. Once a design has been made, you can send it to a jeweler to have it made. Luckily, they can also be found online and will also give you suggestions for your designs.

A Lasting Investment

Acquiring jewellery has a sense of achievement to it. It could be from a family heirloom, a gift from your significant other or worked hard to buy that literal gem. Jewellery is not easy to come by. That is why it is being passed down as heirlooms. Its beauty can withstand the test of time with its value rarely diminished. Jewellery is not exclusive for fashion alone but can be considered as an investment to some.


Wearing jewellery not only helps you to be aesthetically appealing, but it also helps you visualize a better design which would fit you even better. You can consult a great designer jewellery Australia online if you have that perfect piece in your mind or need some help to visualize it.

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