A Quick Guide to Picking a Flattering Swimwear

It is summertime and you know what that means – relaxing time at the beach. When you come to the beach, you want to feel good about yourself and an ill-fitting suit will not help. You will turn out impressive if you pick a flattering swimwear.

If you are not sure how to pick the right luxury swimware for women, you can consider the following tips:

Identify your body shape

The first step to picking a flattering swimwear is to identify your body shape. There are many swimwears with different designs and colors but you should pick something that balances your body shape. Here are the different body shapes:

  • Triangle: a triangle-shaped body is characterised by hips wider than the bust or shoulders.
  • Inverted triangle: an inverted triangle-shaped body is characterised by wider shoulders or bust than the hips.
  • Rectangle: a rectangle-shaped body is characterised by balanced hip and shoulder without a defined waist.
  • Circle: a circle-shaped body is characterised by a larger waist than hips and bust.

Pick design according to your body shape

As soon as you determined your body shape, you can now pick a design accordingly. Here are some tips when choosing luxury swimware for women:

  • Triangle: if you have a triangle-shaped body, you need to draw the eyes up and away from the hips. You should opt for suits that can slim lower body thereby drawing the attention to the upper body. The key here is bust detailing or shapely necklines.
  • Inverted triangle: the key here is to draw the eyes down and away from the shoulders. Pick a design that can add volume to your lower body. This is to balance a larger top. It is also wise to choose suits with patterns or prints that draw the eyes down. You can start choosing boy-cut and wide straps.
  • Rectangle: the key here is to create curves by defining the waistline. You should opt for suits having princess seams, diagonal lines and prints, lingerie straps and belts. Do not wear solid colors.
  • Circle: if you have a circle-shaped body, you should create an illusion of a defined waist. You need to opt for designs that slim lower body thereby creating a slimmer waistline. It is also fine to wear suits with side shirring or interesting necklines.

Think about comfort

Aside from fit, comfort is another thing that you should consider. Whether you have more coverage or less, the most important feeling is to be comfortable. In the end, this will ensure confidence while you are flaunting your assets.

Try before buying

As with anything, you should try before you buy. For this, you need to take the time so you can try different sizes and styles. Do not rush this process if you do not want to end up regretting the piece. When you try, you get to pick a quality suit with the right fabric that will support you.

Avoid overdoing the accessories

A little embellishment can make a difference – keep it that way. If you do not like accessories, you can pick a suit with striking hardware.

Consider cover up

Cover-ups should be part of your swimwear. After your sunning session and you decide to grab a bite, a cover-up is in order. If you are heading to a poolside party, you can easily wear it as a dress.


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