Every woman likes to highlight her femininity and her taste for romance through her jewels. To embellish an outfit, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches proudly sit on your jewelry boxes.

But how to match them to avoid the too-much? What are the missteps to avoid avoiding doing too much?

1) Do in the delicacy!

The elegance does not mean shine a thousand lights from head to toe, but indeed complete her outfit some glittering details for a real chic and feminine style. Wear your jewelry in moderation will be the real ‘charm asset. Today, the innovation of the creators goes with the trend, the marriages of materials and stones, the finishes, the forms, the personalization’s jewelry allow creating a very stylish association!

2) Give more light to your outfits

If you wear an imposing necklace, be careful not to associate it with dangling earrings, so you will overload your face too much. If your outfit has sleeves with worked or puffed details, balance it with a fine and discreet bracelet.

The current trend also invites you to mismatch your jewelry!

It is no longer essential to have the same adornment, quite the opposite! Feel free to coordinate your jewelry according to a material, shape or color, and in any case make you happy because the jewelry collections of our designer brand Midwest Jewellery offer you so many variations!

3) Adapt according to the occasion! For work and everyday life, choose clean models to associate or focus on a single element if it is imposing. Do not forget that a beautiful watch easily replaces a jewel. In the evening, analyze your ensemble, plus this one gives the tone of sobriety, more your jewelry can be noticed!

The perfect adornment for her wedding!

Who says marriage, says dress and jewels! To choose the ideal perjure, you must take into account the style of your dress and the hairstyle of the day J. We advise not to mismatch, the adornment with identical stones will have its place for this big day.

For your fingers: wear only your engagement ring if you have one. The wedding ring is the only jewel you will have to put forward.

For your neck and décolleté: all forms of necklaces fit a strapless dress, good news! For American necks, the Y collar is preferred or models with solitaire in the hollow of the neck. Side necklace, make sure to stay in the style of your dress, for no fault of taste, go for the fine diamond, the pearl pendant or the pearl necklace

For your wrists: Wear a bracelet if your arms are exposed and if the design of your dress is simple and uncluttered. We always advise you to play on discretion and finesse.

For your ears: if your hair is loose, opt for hanging earrings at least 3 cm. With a necklace end rendering will be perfect. Hair attached, your choices are immense! You can wear all forms according to your tastes and style.

Which materials and colors to choose?

Choose soft, clear, pearly and / or transparent hues. Ivory, white, rosé will enhance the romance of your dress, whether it is satin, lace or embroidery…

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