Basics You Must Know Before Purchasing Gold Jewelery

Everything about pure gold is we call it 24 karat gold, it is bright yellow color. It is soft- so much soft that it will be scratched by using your fingernail. This is also costly – now selling at the high point of more than $1000 US per ounce. For such reasons such type of gold is not used in the jewelery in thier pure form. Besides its yellow colour as well as cost getting astronomical quickly, fact that this is very soft that doesn’t lend to jewelery, which  can stand up to the regular wear & tear.

Explaining the karats

The pure gold can be melted or mixed and alloyed with some other metals that will help to make it a bit stronger. Amount of other metals changes its karat. Gold having equal parts of pure gold or other metal (50% blend) can be 12 karat gold- and 50% of the 24 karat gold.

For this reason, different places have got different laws as what will be legally sold as gold. And in many parts of Asia and Europe, you may sell this as “gold” only if it’s above 50% of pure gold- and over 12 karat. For this reason, 14karat is a common gold accessible commercially in such places. It’s really tough to wear, and mixed with other metals for bringing down its price substantially. Even in North America it is quite common to get 10 karat gold that has below 50% of gold content that you can check with Houston Gold Dealers.

Rainbow of colors and no white

Changing type of the metal added in pure gold will change colour of this metal. Adding a little silver leads to the green gold and copper to pink or red gold and iron to the blue gold, as well as aluminum to the purple gold. Every kind of metal addition brings with them new challenges. For instance, silver in the green gold generally leads to the gold that will tarnish like silver. The purple gold is well known to be brittle and will be better treated as the accent stone instead of metal to hold the piece together.

Every kind of the gold changes their color in a same way that you will mix the paints. The yellow gold and shiny copper equals to the reddish toned gold. Actually, you do not remove yellow colour- you only hide some of this with other hues. For this reason, white gold with gleaming platinum finish doesn’t truly exist. The “white” gold can be mixed mainly with nickel, inexpensive white metal, which helps in toning down the bright yellow colour. Whenever mixed its result is lovely grey, which is beautiful in its way.

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