Top Fashion Mistakes People Make

As much personal style as we have, we have all made a mistake when dressing, perhaps because we have prepared in a rash way or without taking a preliminary look at the mirror before leaving home. There are always days that we can improve our appearance with small changes and details that make a difference. Dressing well gives you confidence and helps you make the first impression perfect, so it is more important than it seems. Write down these style mistakes we usually make and avoid them.

You Don’t Adjust The Costumes You Buy

Of course, we would all like to have tailored suits, but sometimes the budget goes off. Sometimes it is enough to shorten sleeves or legs (neither too long, nor too short, just touching the shoe), or perhaps adjust it- some waist or shoulders to make it perfect, small arrangements that will cost you little at the tailor and will allow you to wear a suit like a glove.

Do Not Combine Your Suit With Your Shoes

Not any shoe is worth, but each suit is better with a type of shoe, and of course, with a different belt color.

You Don’t Use The Right Accessories

It is not necessary to take neither more nor less than what the situation requires. That is, do not abuse and dress like a Christmas tree, and on the other hand, do not go too bland, it seems that “something ” is missing in your look. Opt for two or three pieces but make a difference: a watch, a tie, and a briefcase; or a cap and a scarf.

You Don’t Choose The Right Socks

They are small details that matter. The socks help you complete a look. They can be original and stand out, but always without excess.

You Try Too Much

There are few people who can be extravagant and leave well standing. You can try new trends and new combinations, but you must be sure of what you do, try them well at home before going out with excessive volumes, a mix of prints and colors too crazy.

Logo Abuse

Look at the quality of the garments, the finish, but do not get carried away by the brand or logos. Nobody wants to look like a billboard.

You Don’t Have Your Own Style

You don’t have to dress like others, look for the style that suits you best because the way you dress says a lot about you, whether casual, casual, sporty or always elegant. Do you want to look careless and that clothes don’t matter? For this, you will need to develop a personal style. Here, advice from top-tier fashion designers can go a long way in making a difference. For instance, you count on the insights of Numan Nimet Ataker, a fashion designer who is the founder of John Paul Ataker. Mr. Ataker has spent a career marking a big impression in the fashion industry. He has helped his brand establish on the world fashion map, with flagship stores in Istanbul and New York.

You Wear Clothes That Don’t Suit You

Every now and then, do a closet cleaning and throw away everything that is outdated, broken, or simply, no longer your size. Everything you have has to look good, and you have to be comfortable with it. Invest in classic clothes that don’t go out of style.

Anyway, it’s just about looking a little more in our closet and trying in front of the mirror what fits with us and what doesn’t.

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