How To Find The Right Abaya For Yourself?

During the Middle East there was hype about one particular cloth. Guess what cloth it was? Yes it was the Islamic Abaya that ruled the fashion market for years. The beautiful long sleeves dress used to give a vibe like princess. According to some fashion experts, Abaya is the one and only Muslim cloth that combines the trend and tradition so well. You can wear it on any occasion and it will represent your confident side without putting any further efforts. There is a huge collection of Abaya in every market but you should be wearing the one that fits you. This article serves as some tips to find the right Abaya for you.

Match your skin tone

Any dress can look good if you are wearing the right colour that matches your skin tone. You certainly don’t want to be a fashion disaster by picking up the wrong shade. If you are having a light skin-tone try bright colours like green, pink and yellow. Simultaneously if you are having a dark skin-tone, lights colours would like nice on you. Picking your Abaya according to your skin-tone will reflect the amazing fashion sense you are carrying.

Select the size carefully

Balance is essential no matter what it is. Just like that selecting the size carefully is important to keep the balance up. If you are ordering your Abaya through an online store there must be a chart containing all the estimated sizes. Go through that chart and carefully select the size that would best fit you.

Examine the fabric

We all know the importance of nice fabric when it comes to clothes. As we all want our clothes to run long we should be more particular about the fabric of a cloth. Ensure the fabric used in your Abaya is not that heavy. A heavy fabric may look nice but will end up giving you rashes. Also such heavy fabric is the reason for over-sweating and you surely don’t want this for yourself.

Measure the length

The length of your Abaya should depend on the occasions. Like if you are looking for something for daily use then your Abaya should not be that much lengthy. But if you are going to pick one for the occasional purpose let the length cross your ankle.

Above tips would surely help you to find that one perfect Abaya for yourself. Also a smile on the face and a confident gesture would make your Abaya look more pretty on you.

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