Mermaid Wedding Dress – An Exotic Wedding theme

California is like one of those dream destinations for any couple. And no doubt everyone single person wishes to live there so that they are able to enjoy the lovely sunset views of California beach. So if you have decided to move to California now, then no doubt it will bring many joyous occasions in your life. And what will be best than having a marriage ceremony inside California, and start the best moments of your love life right from here? The main reason that makes this destination as one of the top wedding venues is due to this breathtaking and tremendous views and comfortable lifestyle of this land.

California – Land of Wonders

Well, there are a lot of tremendous places in California where you can organize a memorable marriage ceremony. Like there is Magic Castle, Vineyards in North California, Golden State region, Cobalt Sea, and several beaches in South California. Well now coming to the brief descriptions about the location so that it becomes easier for you to decide whether you want a traditional Wedding Dress or Mermaid Wedding Dress for a themed wedding. And Mermaid Wedding Dresses are specified for beach theme for weddings.

Places Suitable for Wedding in California

California is not a small state, so you have a lot of choice in every single part of this state. Well as for Central California is being concerned then here you can find tons of luxurious hotels or golf course where you can arrange a perfect wedding. Further, there are few vintage style hotels, where you can have a perfect weeing reception just like the old times. Further, there is the Monterey Peninsula near the beach of Central California, and this peninsula is full of luxuries that you can wish for your wedding. First of all, there is the view of sunset around the hills covered with vineyard, then there is cool sea breeze which is just perfect for the summer season, and at last but not least there are five-star hotels and spas where you can get all the groom and bride treatments in the best way.

Central California – Best place for a dream wedding

Further, if you want to have your wedding in a town where rain never stops. And this town is named as Santa Barbara, this town is really close to nature. At one side of this town, you can see mountains while on the other side you can see the vast sea. Even though this town is famous for its rainfalls, but still it occasionally rains over here. So you can have your wedding reception without any need to delay the part due to rain. ON the mountains you can find so many grape vines, and you are all free to taste those vines. Now just imagine having your wedding between those vines, and the very another end you have Seaview. Pictures captured for these moments will be one of the beautiful memories of your life. The best thing about this town is that its beauty does not allow anyone to leave this place, and usually, people end up to have their honeymoon in this very town as well.

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