Real or Synthetic – What is the Best Form of Wig?

If you wear a wig, you will be aware of the many options, yet for someone who is new to wearing a hairpiece, there are two main types of wig. The hairpiece could be made with real human hair, or it could comprise of synthetic material, and here is a brief comparison of the two, in order to help you make the right decision.

  • Real Hair Wigs – Slightly more expensive than a synthetic version, a real hair wig look and acts as human hair should. While it is harder to manage, many people prefer to look and feel of real hair, which moves naturally, and with a range of colours, lengths and styles, you can choose something that really suits you. Visiting hair world, who are wigs suppliers in Bristol will be the best option, as they have experts who will help you to choose from the many pieces they have in stock. They also have experts who can advise you on every aspect of wig maintenance, and can teach you how to apply the wig tape correctly, which ensures a tight fit.
  • Synthetic Wigs – Some people prefer the synthetic hairpiece, mainly because it is a lot easier to manage and maintain. The wigs are pre-styled, and all it takes is a little shake for the style to return to its correct position, and, like real hair wigs, there are many styles, colours and lengths, thus ensuring there is something that suits your personality and looks.

Whatever you choose, book an appointment with an established wig supplier to be sure of the very best service and product.

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