Ways to Keep You Jewelry and Watches Sanitized This Covid 19 Season

Though the stated hand wash for 20 seconds might keep your hands clean, the accessories you use on the hands might require a systematic cleaning, at least during this Covid 19 season. There are many chances that Germs can exist on your bracelets, watches and rings for at least 72 hours, if it is not properly disinfected.

Why should Your Jewelry and Watches be properly cleaned?

Though there are not any established cases of the spread of diseases through jewelry at present, the point that your jewelry is made out a metal is indeed a source of concern. Many research studies have demonstrated that germs have the ability to survive on the gaps/cracks in the jewels and watches. The Covid 19 virus can live for many hours on the plastic and steel surfaces. You might have thoroughly washed your hands for the said 20 seconds and possibly will keep your hands sanitized. Well, it makes no sense for your jewelry. The way dead cells or soaps have got accumulated for long, on the different areas of the jewelry, makes it hard to get rid of it with regular water. To perfectly sanitize your jewelry and watches, you will have to get the services of an expert in jewelry repair Albuquerque.

How do the jewelry stores in Albuquerque Sanitize Your Jewelry and Watches?

An expert in jewelry repair Albuquerque works with two types of industrial equipment that lets them to perfectly accomplish the task of sanitizing the jewelry. They are –

  • Ultrasonic cleaner – Under this method, the equipment contains a tank filled with solution. It makes use of sound waves to produce bubbles. These foams reach even the toughest spot and loosen the dirt in the jewelry.
  • Steam cleaner – In this method, a concentrated discharge is sent out as hot steam through a nozzle, which runs across the jewelry. This is sure to remove any excess dirt which is left behind during the process of ultrasonic cleaning. This also a trusted sanitation procedure, since it kills off any germs.

The experts in watch repair Albuquerque NM, will not use the ultrasonic cleaners as there are chances for the liquid to enter into the watch, rescinding its functionality. Therefore, they use alcohol to safely disinfect the watch, taking utmost care to not damage its functionality.

Things to remember this Covid 19 season

  • If you are attempting to remove a ring that is tight, by either licking it or using your teeth to remove it off, is not an appropriate thing to do. It is not safe for your jeweler either! Try to remove it using soap water or lotions. Get it resized after that, so that you need not use your teeth always to take it out.
  • Using temporary solutions to wipe down your jewelry might help with a quick cleaning. But, always remember, not every gems and metals are the same and they can’t be treated the same way with the same chemicals/solutions!
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